Hi - my name is Chuck - AKA 'Rev Chuck'.  Issuing Marriage Licenses and performing Ceremonies at your home, restaurant, lounge, banquet hall, beach, even hospitals or anywhere else in S. California!

General Pricing can be found here - its "General Pricing" because it can be adjusted depending on date, time, location, travel time, etc... pricing can be adusted up or down.  Call for a quote!

I closed my wedding chapel and retired at the end of May in 2015. 
I married somewhere along the lines of 8,000 couples during the 12 years that I had my wedding chapel (many of you may remember it - it was a staple at Sherman Way & Sepulveda in Van Nuys).

I still issue marriage licenses and perform wedding ceremonies - lots of them!
Closing the chapel only means that I now travel to your location instead of you traveling to mine!  Whether its your home, restaurant, banquet hall, park, or the beach... I can issue a marriage license as well as perform wedding ceremonies!  And I'm completely mobile - if at the beach or park, my equipment (computer, printer, etc) is battery operated, so no need to be confined to a place where an AC wall outlet is available.

Same Day or planned ahead - I can have you legally married in about 1 hour of my arrival at your location (issuance of marriage license and your "I Do's")!  Or just issue the license and have a more formal ceremony in front of your guests!

Authorized by the Los Angeles County Clerk/Recorder to issue marriage licenses, I have married thousands and thousands of couples.  You can check with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office that I (Charles B. Gilmore) am legally authorized to issue marriage licenses.  I'd give you their phone#, but its more convincing if you look up the number and call them yourself to make sure you're actually contacting the county offices.  The main office in Norwalk, CA maintains a list of notaries who'm they've authorized to issue marriage licenses.  Ok, their phone# is (562)462-2189.  After confirming my authorization, call me at (818)904-9869 and we can set up a date, time and location to make your marriage happen!

People get married for a number of reasons - love is one of them.  Other reasons include immigration, military deployment, about to have a baby, or just to ensure that your significant other will get your social security benefits in the event of something unexpected.

Prices are on a case by case basis (depends on date, time, location, and whether you need me to issue a marriage license or just sign off on yours or to officiate a formal ceremony).  If you already have a public license and need a private ceremony and a witness, I can provide a witness too.  Note: If I issue the marriage license, no witness is needed.

Now that I've closed my wedding chapel after 12 years, there's no longer the enormous cost of overhead and expenses associated with running a wedding chapel.  So the savings to me can be passed on to you!

Authorized by the Los Angeles County Clerk / County Recorder to issue Confidential Marriage Licenses, I can issue the marriage license to you anywhere in California (within reasonable driving distance for me).  All you have to do is meet the requirements

Its simple, fast and easy especially since you don't have to lose time from your schedules to go to the courthouse and wait in long lines for hours. 

Celebrities and those in the public eye use my services too since its confidential and no need to appear in public!

Serving Southern California
Call: (818) 904-9869

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