Hi - my name is Chuck - AKA 'Rev Chuck'.  I issue Marriage Licenses at my office or your location (home, restaurant, lounge, banquet hall, beach, even hospitals or anywhere else in S. California).  I perform ceremonies too!

General Pricing can be found HERE

Its "General Pricing" because it can be adjusted depending on date, time, location, travel time, etc... pricing can be adusted up or down.  Call for a quote!

Same Day or planned ahead - I can have you legally married in about 1 hour from the time we start the paperwork.

Authorized by the Los Angeles County Clerk/Recorder to issue marriage licenses, I have married thousands and thousands of couples. 

You can check with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office that I (Charles B. Gilmore) am legally authorized to issue marriage licenses. 

After confirming my authorization, call me at (818)904-9869 and we can set up a date, time and location to make your marriage happen!

I can issue the marriage license to you anywhere in California (within reasonable driving distance for me) or at my office
.  All you have to do is meet the requirements

Its simple, fast and easy especially since you don't have to lose time from your schedules to go to the courthouse and wait in long lines for hours. 

Celebrities and those in the public eye use my services too since its confidential and no need to appear in public!

Serving Southern California
Call: (818) 904-9869

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Rev Chuck